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The 2014 Start Tel Aviv Winners

Joaquin Blaya | CEO & Founder, eHS | CHILE

eHS is a social business with the vision of improving the quality and efficiency of health care using information systems. We have a clinical focus to ensure that our services facilitate clinical work, improve communication between the health team and the patient. Our service, MiDoctor, for diabetic and hypertensive patients can be seen on this video.

Camilo Reyes| CEO, AgroMall | COLOMBIA

Inspired on farmers, based on innovation and focused in Agriculture,  AGROMALL´s purpose is to establish communications, linking farmers to markets to develop more efficient and effective value chains. We offer technological solutions integrating offer and demand of goods and services in agriculture, creating new opportunities, connecting all agricultural sectors.


Jacob Christensen| COO & Co-Founder, Velocator| DENMARK

Velocator is a cheap tracking device and bicycle light, which allows the user to track his/her's bicycle anywhere in real-time using mesh network technology, thereby saving the charge of data usage. Furthermore it creates a new platform for communication technology.


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Florian Simmendinger | Co-Founder, feelthebeat| Germany

feelthebeat is a wearable metronome that vibrates in sync to the beat. It can be connected via Bluetooth to any smart device. With our app, settings of the metronome can be adjusted. Several devices can be linked so that an entire group of musicians can receive vibrations in sync.

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Peter Vidos | CEO, TestJockey| HUNGARY

TestJockey is a beta testing and analytics platform for mobile app developers that monitors the behavior of their beta users as they are interacting with the apps. It increases the developers’ chances of success by helping to sort out both bugs, UX & device-specific issues.

Pavan Thatha | CEO & Co-Founder, ShieldSquare| INDIA

ShieldSquare uses big data analytics to block bots/scrapers in real-time there by increasing the traffic, revenues of the online business as well as cut costs in terms of infrastructure, resources.

Ger Ford | UX/Designer | Bizimply| IRELAND

Bizimply is an All–In-One People and Shift Management Solution that will change forever the way restaurants and retail businesses are managed. Bizimply combines all the day-to-day management requirements of these businesses (Scheduling, HR, Clock-In Stations, Shift Reporting and more) into one easy to use cloud based system.


Giuseppe Morlino |CEO & Co-Founder, Snapback| ITALY

Snapback develops revolutionary interfaces for smart devices. We provide an SDK to developers and manufacturers for an enhanced touchless and sightless experience. It enables the use air gestures, device motion, sound and speech commands, which allow users to control devices more intuitively and seamlessly integrate technology into their lives.


Min Kyu Kim | CEO & Co-Founder, Ediket | KOREA

Ediket is a crowdsourced proofreading platform which provides an online community where users can share and proofread documents via a web-based proofreading editor. Ediket’s platform facilitates interaction between editors and editees allowing any user to request or conduct proofreading of a document. Its proofreading editor focuses on adding changes to a document and comparing it to the original.

Rollo Wenlock | CEO & Founder, Wipster| NEW ZEALAND

Wipster is a cloud platform for video producers to work with their teams on creative work.


Martin Jensen| CEO & Founder, Blink| NORWAY

Blink is a new way of meeting people online. We believe in first impressions, and in real people.
We don’t think profiles, static images or profile texts are the best way to represent someone.
Blink is an app where you see short videos of people around you, and where you can send videos back to them, and get to known each other.



Amparo Nalvarte| CEO & Founder, Culqi| PERU

Culqi lets users make and receive payments with credit cards through two free applications available in smartphones with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Culqi uses a technology with QR codes, designed to do fast, easy and safe purchases. Culqi lets any smartphone accept payments with any credit and debit cards in 135 countries and also companies are able to create their own online marketplace.

Nikola Mitić | CEO & Founder, COFA Games| SERBIA

We are gaming enthusiasts, we like to play games. Among us, we also happen to have pretty good programming and design skills. Put the two together and you have COFA Games - bunch of gamers united by the same goal and working under one roof. Goal is to create great games for desktops, tablets, mobile… Heck, we would develop a game for microwave ovens if we could.

Simon Spurr| 30 Day Health| SOUTH AFRICA

2 of the co-founders from the successful team of FOLUP have launched 30 DAY HEALTH - a patented new mobile technology to improve patient management, schedule early intervention, improve medical treatment outcomes and, ultimately, reduce the staggeringly high number of hospital re-admissions. The system has been endorsed by Columbia University Medical Centre, New York, and beta testing commences in July 2014. Our experienced team of solution architects is working directly with leading medical doctors to develop this unique platform. 


José Manuel Santorum Bello| COO, Torus Software Solutions S.L| SPAIN

TORUS engineers hardware and software to work efficiently in your data center and the cloud. TORUS value proposition is improving predictability and performance of latency-sensitive applications through low-latency and efficient solutions based on a combination of a high-performance communication products, TORUS Fast Sockets and FastMPJ, with a deep knowledge on glueing latency-critical software to hardware, thus bridging the performance gap between applications and infrastructure.


Torus Logo.png

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Daniel Jarby|Data Scientist, CrowdEmotion| UNITED KINGDOM

Recognition and interpretation of biometric signals for improved business decision making.

The Start Tel Aviv Competition 

What is Start Tel Aviv?

Start Tel Aviv is a global competition held by The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tel Aviv Global that brings together startups from eighteen different countries to compete for the opportunity to take part in an intense, five-day startup experience in Tel Aviv's unrivaled startup ecosystem.


Start Tel Aviv will be launched in then sixteen participating countries on June 1st. This is the third annual competition, formerly known as Bizcamp Tel Aviv. In 2014 Startup founders from around the world are competing against startups from their own country for the prize!


What is the prize?

The prize is an intense, all-expense-paid, five-day startup experience in the heart of Tel Aviv, during the exciting and innovative DLD Festival. Tel Aviv is the business capital of Israel and a leading innovation hub with a local ecosystem of world class tech talents, dozens of leading multinationals and hundreds of tech star startups. The city was named Europe’s leading tech hub by the Wall Street Journal and ranked by Startup Genome as the 2nd best place in the world to open a startup!


Prizes are awarded to sixteen of the competing startups from around the world (one winner from each competing country). The winners will be joined by local Israeli entrepreneurs to participate in lectures, workshops and meetings with leading Israeli investors and professionals.


The winning startup experience takes place during the DLD Festival week, and participants have the opportunity to meet the coolest and smartest companies, techies, investors, designers, artists, scientists, and cultural drivers from Israel and abroad.


The DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, a global gathering of innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world, is held throughout Tel Aviv in mid-September. The Festival is comprised of a long list of events, conferences, meet-ups, mingles and gatherings, all focusing on different sides of digital, technological, social and urban innovation. 













How many winners are there?








When will the winner's five-day startup experience take place? 

September 13 – 19, 2014


Competition guidelines: 

Only one founding member of a startup company may submit the company to the Start Tel Aviv competition and that founder will be subject to the conditions below. The prize will be given to the founder who entered the competition.


Conditions for eligibilty to submit a company to the Start Tel Aviv competition:

  1. Age of submitting founder: 25 – 40 

  2. Sectors: Web, Mobile, or Security 

  3. Stage: Seed Stage

What was Start Tel Aviv 2013 like?

Check out the video to find out and learn more about the Start Tel Aviv's 2013 winner's experiences.

This year, Start Tel Aviv will be giving prizes to sixteen different startups from sixteen different countries. Each winning startup will send one founder to represent their startup and partake in the startup experience.

Participating Countries 



Learn more about & enter the Start Tel Aviv Denmark competition here. Visit us on Facebook here.



Learn more about & enter the Start Tel Aviv Hungary competition here.



Learn more about & enter the Start Tel Aviv Chile competition here.



Learn more about the Start Tel Aviv Colombia competition here & register to enter the  here.



Learn more about & enter the Start Tel Aviv Germany competition here.



Learn more about & enter the Start Tel Aviv India competition here & here. Visit us on Facebook here.



Stay posted for more info, coming soon!



Stay posted for more info, coming soon!



Learn more about & enter the Start Tel Aviv Korea competition here.

New Zealand


Learn more about & enter the Start Tel Aviv New Zealand competition here.



Stay posted for more info, coming soon!



Stay posted for more info, coming soon!



Learn more about & enter the Start Tel Aviv Serbia competiton here.

South Africa


Learn more about & enter the Start Tel Aviv South Africa competition here.



Stay posted for more info, coming soon!

United Kingdom


Learn more about the UK's Start Tel Aviv competition "Bizcamp Tel Aviv" on Facebook & register to enter competition here.

 The Five-Day Winner's Program 

Tentative program (subject to change)


Start Tel Aviv will take place during the DLD Festival week, and  participants will have the opportunity to meet the coolest and smartest companies, techies, startups, designers, artists, scientists, investors, and cultural drivers from Israel and abroad.


Day 1: 
  • Orientation & Introductions

  • Rooftop Welcome Brunch

  • A visit to the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator

  • Mayor's Cocktail Reception


Day 2:
  • Workshops & Sessions including: Innovaton in the Startup Nation, How to Fundraise, How to Build a Killer Team, Taking your Product Global, and more.

  • Investor's Pitching Session with top investors and venture capitlists, hosted by Innovation Endeavors 


Day 3:
  • Access to Europe’s top tech conference brand -Tel Aviv DLD Innovation Festival, a global gathering of innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world, held throughout Tel Aviv in mid-September. The Festival is comprised of a long list of events, conferences, meet-ups, mingles and gatherings, all focusing on different sides of digital, technological, social and urban innovation. 

  • Open Startup: A city wide festival celebrating the startup city of Tel Aviv, with over 100 local startups and accelerators opening their doors to the general public, presenting a "behind the scenes" look into the world of startups and startupers. 

  • Rotschild Boulevard Urban Happening: events and innovation, all night long.


Day 4:
  • DLD Innovation Festival (DAY 2)

  • Time for one-on-one meetings with other professionals from a multitude of industries

  • Open Startup Party


Day 5:
  • Touring Israel: A visit to Jerusalem 

Start Tel Aviv Partners 

One year after IBM acquired to anchor its cloud computing portfolio, thousands of global clients have moved key operations to the IBM cloud. IBM's hybrid cloud approach -- enabled by the versatile SoftLayer infrastructure -- has taken root in enterprises across all industries and geographies, delivering dividends to IBM and its clients. New cloud services and high performance computing and networking capabilities have solidified SoftLayer as the hub of IBM's cloud portfolio, positioning the company as the leader in helping clients capitalize on Big Data. For more information: www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/il/he/softlayer.html

Softlayer Logo.png

Israel is home to eight million people, including immigrants from over 130 countries around the world. Yet, despite being such a tiny country and just 65 years old, Israel has become a global hub for art, culture, science, technology, and, of course, innovation.


Second only to the United States, Israel has generated more startup companies than than large, industrial nations like Japan, China, India, Korea, Canada, France, Germany and the UK. 


In addition, Israel has, per capita,attracted over twice as much venture capital investment as the US and 30 times more than all the members of the

European Union combined. 

"If you go to the Middle East looking for oil, you don't need to stop in Israel. But if you go looking for brains, energy and integrity, it is the only stop"

Warren Buffett, founder of Berkshire Hathaway.


“For a small country, Israel will have an oversized impact on the evolution of the next stage of the technology we all use.”

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt


“In two days in Israel, I saw more opportunities than in a year in the rest of the world.”

Paul Smith, Senior Vice President of Philips Medical


“There’s an Israeli working on every insoluble problem.”  

Gary Neill, the head of Johnson & Johnson’s Innovation Research Unit

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The 2013 Start Tel Aviv Winners

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Start Tel Aviv Competition 2014 [VIDEO]

Start Tel Aviv 2013 Winners

Dr. Peng Hao of Zhenjiang Internet-of-Things (IOF) from China


IOT-Pro is a R&D company focusing on Green industry and Personal Healthcare services. Our solutions for smart building have been applied to save energy consumption. The products and services for personal healthcare monitoring are also undergoing.

Mr. Juan David Fumpf Luna of Id-Booster from Colombia


Id-Booster is a Crowdfunding 3.0 (Next generation of crowdfunding) and investment platform company, where entrepreneurs, funders and investors around the world can work together to make a business online.

Mr. Tom New of Formisimo from England


Formisimo is an advanced analytics tool that tells you exactly how visitors are interacting with your online forms. Formisimo gives you all the information you need to improve your forms on your site and increase the number of people that complete them, improving your bottom line and making customers happier.

Mr. Pat Phelan of Trustev from Ireland


Trustev’s real time identity engine identifies real customers from fraudsters ensuring that online merchants know exactly who they are transacting withwe use dynamic data sources to verify a user’s identity to enable online merchants to be certain of exactly who they are doing business with.

Mr. Max Modl of Movinary from Germany


movinary offers a cloud-hosted, online platform that enables customers to create videos from their photos and embellish them with text. Using these videos, customers can tell unique, personal stories about special events like weddings, holidays, and birthdays. Each video can be downloaded immediately, so customers can place orders immediately after the video is created.

Mr. Ronak Kumar Samantray co-founder of NowFloats from India


NowFloats helps the SMBs get online and get discovered by potential customers. All this using just simple SMS! NowFloats aims at simplifying and making internet relevant for small businesses

Ms. Gioia Pistola of Atooma from Italy


Atooma is a cloud horizontal platform that enables the connection between soft sensors and hard sensors to suggest smart actions and contents when the users really need them. Atooma provides context awareness to apps and connected devices. Imagine setting your alarm clock earlier in the morning because you need to refill you car and be on time at the meeting, automatically, or receiving suggestions on the best fitting cocktail at the club based on your calories consumption. 

Mr. Simon Lee, CEO and founder of flitto from Korea


Flitto is a Crowd Sourcing Translation Platform that translates voice, text, images in different languages. Users can read any contents in their native languages and they can even translate contents to achieve points that users can exchange for real money.

Mr. Eldars Loginovs, co-founder and CEO of Fastr from Latvia


Fastr develops ebook app that aims to improve user reading experience. Fastr makes book discovery process exciting by adding user generated content with readlists and rich media. Like playlists for music, readlists let users to link books, single chapters and articles in one readlist, to cover some subject.

Mr. Pablo Migul Fernandez of Splash Mobile from Spain


Splash Mobile focuses on developing mobile applications for disable people and elderly ones. 112 Accessible is a platform that allows deaf persons to contact emergency services.- Remind Me My Pills is a platform that helps people to remember which pills they need to take, how and when.

Mr. Mathias Karlsson of Detectify from Sweden


Detectify is a service that allows website owners and developers to analyze their security level by applying a broad range of emulated hacker attacks. Insert a URL and before you know it, you'll have a report covering your issues. With Detectify you can go hack yourself. Before someone else does!

Mr. Carlos Alaejos Garcia of Discue from Denmark


Discue wants to empower the voice of the people – for those who are not voiced by the mass media. Discue is an online platform for audiovisual live discussions.Discue strives to change the way people see democracy. We aim to be the leading interactive platform for social video conferencing.